BearNet Rooms and System Charges

Type of Business Springfield Rooms Per Hour Other BearNet Rooms Per Hour (1)
Federal / City / State $75 $100
State of Missouri $50 $75
Educational Institutions
Out-of-State / Proprietary $100 $150
In-State Public $50 $75
In-State Private $75 $100
Non-Profit $50 $75
Commercial $100 $150
Benefactor $50 $75


  1. This rate includes a fee for network usage.
  2. For technical support outside business hours (8am-8pm, Monday-Friday), and additional $25 per hour will be assessed.

Users are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring other parties have video conferencing capabilities at the remote site.
  2. Coordinating the conference with the participants
  3. Completing the request form at least seven days in advance.
  4. Providing contact information: Video conferencing dialing addresses or technical contact.

For more information, contact Melissa Warren at 417-836-4128.


Missouri State Outreach Course Proposal Form

Faculty may download this form here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this file. It is available for download for free.