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Scheduling a conferencing technology room

To schedule a technology-equipped room for a conference or meeting, please contact Missouri State Outreach or call 417-836-6929.

Interested in teaching an off-campus or conferencing course?

Download the Off-Campus Course Proposal Form* if you would like to teach a traditional off-campus course, classroom-to-classroom conferencing course, or a web conference course.

Please send a completed copy via email to:


Not sure what kind of instructional method to choose?

Traditional Off-Campus (TRAD)

Traditional Off-Campus (TRAD) are courses where the instructor and the students are together in a location other than the main Springfield campus.

Classroom-to-Classroom (IVID)

Classroom-to-Classroom (IVID) are courses in which one instructor teaches students in more than one classroom through video/audio conferencing. There may or may not be remote students participating in the course. If more than one physical classroom space is involved, please choose Classroom-to-Classroom.

Web Conference (CNCT) 

Web Conference (CNCT) are courses in which students and instructors meet via the cloud through web conferencing technology. The instructor may either be in a classroom space, or on a personal device. Participants are primarily joining remotely from personal devices. This type of course involves either only one classroom or no classroom space. Attendance in a classroom, if used for teaching, should be optional.

Traditional to Web Conference (TRAD/CNCT)

Traditional to Web Conference (TRAD/CNCT) are courses in which a traditional face-to-face class is taking place, with local students and an instructor meeting together in a classroom, and there are also students who are at a distance joining remotely through web conference. In these cases, a TRAD section is built for the Springfield students and a CNCT section is built for the distance students.

Additional forms

New Degree Program Proposal Form* – if you are considering offering a new program at a distance, this form will help guide the process.

New Program Funding Request Form* – to be used if you are requesting funding from Outreach to support a new off-campus program. Outreach funding is generally only available for degree programs offered at our satellite locations.

Distance Program Course Rotation Form* – when offering a distance degree program, it is very important to map out the entire pathway to ensure it can be completed at a distance in the appropriate amount of time.

Zoom License Request – to be used if you are requesting a new Zoom license.

Zoom Usage Report* – please let us know each semester with which courses you are using your Zoom license as a teaching tool, even if it is a traditional or online (INET) course.

Faculty Zoom resources

Guide to using Zoom

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