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Lara Strong walking down the stairs in Gohn Hall at Missouri State Outreach in West Plains.

Lara Strong, Missouri State alumna, is a foreign language teacher at West Plains High School. She teaches online Spanish, German, French and Chinese classes.

While she was earning her bachelor's degree in elementary education from MSU Outreach on the West Plains campus, she worked for the school district as an interpreter.

Her mentor, Dr. Jane Ward, taught her more than how to teach.

"The most memorable classes are the ones that Dr. Jane Ward taught, such as RDG 420," Strong said. "I enjoyed her classes at that time...I am using the skills I had learned in her classes in my daily teaching."

Strong learned the importance of caring for students. Dr. Ward modeled how to care for students in the way she took care of her students.

"She helped us on our schedules, scholarships, tips on how to find a job or even keep a job," Strong said.