Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development • West Plains

The following is a transfer degree plan for a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Development. Complete your first two years at Missouri State University - West Plains before transferring to Missouri State University Outreach in West Plains!

Missouri State University - West Plains

Earn your Associate of Applied Science in Child and Family Development and the Associate of Arts in General Studies to meet the general education requirements for the bachelor's degree. With careful advisement, both degrees (AA and AAS) may be earned simultaneously. Complete these degrees in the evening and online through the Missouri State - West Plains Evening College.

Select your courses with the assistance of your advisor and include the following courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU major requirements. Also, meet with a MSU transfer advisor early in your college career to determine other appropriate course work for your academic goals.

Missouri State University

Admission into the Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development program requires you fulfill all prerequisites.

Course availability and prerequisites are subject to change. Check out the course rotations and consult with your advisor before scheduling your classes.

CFD Core Required Courses
CFD  305  Multicultural Studies in CFD (Su-online, or EDC 345 on WP Campus)
CFD  455  Infant/Toddler: Development and Program Planning (Fa/Sp/Su)
CFD  366  Preparation for the Professional Internship (Fa/Sp) 1 block
CFD  466  Internship (Fa/Sp/Su)  6
CFD  557 Growth and Development: Middle Childhood through Adolescence (Fa/Sp)
CFD  560  Family Engagement (Fa/Sp) 
CFD  562  Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Fa/Sp/Su) 
CFD  563  Administration of Programs (Fa/Sp/Su) 
    Total 22
Child Development Elective Courses
CFD  304  Outdoor Play (Su- on demand)
CFD  306  Separation and Loss (Sp/Su) 
CFD  353  Childhood Illnesses (Fa/Su) 
CFD 505 Trends and Issues in Youth Development (Sp)
CFD  532  Family Advocacy (Fa/Sp) 
    Total 6
    Total Credits 32

Transfer Degree Plans

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