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Why study agricultural business at Missouri State?

  • You will learn the language and unique needs of agricultural industries while building a strong general business foundation.
  • Our program blends business fundamentals with agricultural concepts to prepare you for success in both fields.
  • There are currently two different tracks available at a distance to transfer students, allowing you to further specialize in your technical agriculture education, making you an expert in your field.
  • Classes are available in a variety of ways, including classroom-to-classroom conferencing, web conferencing and online, all without having to travel to Springfield.
  • You have the opportunity to practice what you've learned in an immersive experience during your final semester, when you get to travel for one week and receive hands-on experience in an agricultural business

Complete your AA or AS from Crowder College and transfer to Missouri State to complete your Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business at a distance.

Suggested courses to include in your associate degree studies:

MSU Courses Crowder Equivalent
AGP 103 AGRN 113
AGN 215 AGRN 214
AGB 144 AGEC 123
AGS 101 ANSC 114

Choose a track

Two tracks from the BS in Agricultural Business are currently available at a distance: Finance and Management or Sales and Marketing. Select from the dropdowns below to explore course requirements.

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