Missouri State Online Faculty Support Services

Interested in developing an online course? Missouri State Online is here to help. As an alternative pathway for degrees, Missouri State Online is trending toward or has maintained sustained excellence thanks to our dedicated faculty. If you would be interested in contributing to this alternative degree pathway by helping to develop and support online degree programs, please contact the Director for Missouri State Online, Dr. Gary Rader at 417-836-7619 for guidance on policies and procedures.

3 Step Guide to New Course Development

2. Build Your Course

Receive support for course development through the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

System Alerts

  • The “System Status” box on the Help Desk site contains information about any known system problems. 

  • Computer Services posts important Blackboard and other system news and updates through social media. To get the latest information, follow Computer Services on Facebook or Twitter, and at the Blackboard at Missouri State Blog.

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