Certified Distance Educator Award

This opportunity is open to all persons teaching at Missouri State University who are interested in innovation and excellence in distance delivery.


  • Encourages continued professional development in distance education.
  • Provides recognition of continued growth in distance education.
  • Fosters instructional innovation. 


  1. Complete 3 documented professional development activities related to distance education.
  2. Submit copies of certificates of completion, badges, CEUs, or equivalent documentation.
  3. Attach documentation to application.
  4. Email completed application to MSOnline@MissouriState.edu. Professional development activities counting toward the 2017 award must be completed in the calendar year of 2017. Documentation for the 2017 award must be submitted prior to April 3, 2018. 

Professional development activities may include, but are not limited to:

Any of the above activities should relate in some way to distance education. Activities from Missouri State as well as other universities or organizations are all acceptable.


You may complete the award application each calendar year by following the above process. Three new professional development activities must be completed each year to maintain status.

This project has been developed and sponsored by the Distance Education Committee. The Distance Education Committee is charged with reviewing, creating, and recommending direction and policy for distance modalities.