Master Online Course Recognition Award

Master Online Course Recognition Award

2015 Annual Master Online Course Recognition Award for Excellence in Online Course Design and Pedagogy

Call for Departmental Nominations for Spring, Summer and Fall 2015 Courses

In recognition of outstanding online course design and teaching at Missouri State University, Missouri State Online is sponsoring the 2015 Master Online Course Recognition Award! The Awardee will be recognized and receive a prize during a campus event in the Spring of 2016.

In addition, the winning faculty member will present his or her master online course  to the campus community.

By filling out the nomination form students and department heads can nominate a course for the Master Online Course Recognition Award for Excellence in Online Course Design and Pedagogy.

  • Further information and forms for nominations will be available on the Missouri State Online website.
  • Nominations must be received at Missouri State Online by 5:00 p.m. on 15 February, 2016.
  • Spring, Summer and Fall 2015 online courses can be submitted for consideration.

Three Options for Nomination:

  1. Departmental Nomination--department heads may nominate a member of their faculty who deserves recognition for online excellence.
  2. Student Nomination--students may nominate an online course they have attended.
  3. Courses nominated by instructional designers in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning from peer reviewed courses in the Digital Professor Academy.

Qualifications for Nomination:

  1. Nominee must be a full-time faculty or per course member at Missouri State University or West Plains for more than one year.
  2. Nominee must have taught the online course in the Spring, Summer or Fall of 2015.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Course Design (structure, learning objectives and instructional strategies).
  2. Interaction and Collaboration (student/student and faculty/student interaction and collaboration).
  3. Course Technology and Media value (tools and media to enhance student interaction and engagement).
  4. Assessment (assessing student learning outcomes in alignment with course objectives).

Upon receipt, nominations will be evaluated by a selection panel made up of instructional designers from the FCTL, faculty, students and the Director for Missouri State Online. The panel will evaluate and select an exemplary online course using a rubric based upon the four selection criteria above.

If you have questions about the Master Online Course Recognition Award program, please contact:

Dr. Gary Rader, Director for Online Education Development and Policy
Missouri State Access and Outreach, ALUM 400, (417) 836-7619