Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education • Cassville

Crowder College

  • Pursue an AAT degree or equivalent coursework at Crowder College.
  • View all Elementary Education Program Focus Options.  If you are seeking Middle School certification, review the approved Crowder College content course options.
  • Fulfill all lower-division prerequisites at Crowder College.
  • Start this program at the beginning of any fall semester. It operates on a cohort model.
  • Take the upper-level classes you need to complete a BS in Elementary Education via interactive television on the Crowder College campus.
  • Complete this degree and be certified to teach grades 1-6 in any subject.  Included middle school emphasis-area courses will also help prepare students who may with to seek middle school certification at a later time.

Meet with an MSU transfer advisor early in your college career to determine appropriate coursework to meet your academic goals.

Missouri State University

Course availability and prerequisites are subject to change. Check out the course rotations and consult with your advisor before scheduling your classes.

Fall Year 1

EDC 345 Introduction to Multicultural Education and Diversity 3ITV 
MTH 320 Foundations of Mathematics for Teachers 3ITV 
RDG 318 Foundations of Literacy Instruction 3ITV 
SPE 310 Introduction to Special Education 3ITV 
Total hours12  

Spring Year 1

MID 400 Philosophy, Curriculum, and Organization of Middle School Education 3ITV 
ELE 410 Teaching and Learning in the Elementary Classroom 3ITV 
MTH 360 Foundations of Geometry for Teachers 3ITV 
RDG 420 Methods of Assessing and Personalizing Reading and Writing 3ITV 
RDG 421 Practicum-Methods of Assessing and Personalizing Reading and Writing 2ITV 
Total hours14  

Summer Year 1

GEOL 210 Earth Science for Teachers (Crowder course)  

Fall Year 2

ELE 429 Methods of Teaching of Mathematics in Elementary Schools 3ITV 
ELE 434 Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary Schools 3ITV 
ELE 438 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools 3ITV 
MID 439 Middle School Instructional Strategies 3ITV 
ELE 425 Methods of Teaching Communication Arts in Elementary Schools 2ITV 
Total hours14  

Spring Year 2

ELE 500 Current Issues and Applications in Elementary Education 3-5ITV 
ELE 510 The Reflective Practitioner 3Online 
ELE 501 Home/School/Community Relationships with Elementary Children and their Families 2ITV 
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in the Content Fields 3ITV 
ELE 530 Teaching English Language Learners in the Elementary Classroom 2Online 
EDT 520 Technologies in a Contemporary School Setting 1Arranged 
Total hours15  

Fall Year 3

ELE 495 Supervised Teaching (Elementary) 6Arranged 
ELE 496 Supervised Teaching (Elementary) 5-6Arranged 
Total hours11-12  

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