Why Enroll in Missouri State Online Video Courses

Missouri State Online Video Courses provide:

  • An opportunity for you to take required general education courses without visiting campus.
  • Lectures which may be downloaded FREE from the MSU web site under iTunes U.
  • Your choice of DVD/CD sets you may wish to purchase from the bookstore to view on your computer.
  • Lectures that may be placed on any mp3 player for audio or video exam review.
  • The convenience of having to only come on campus for the initial class meeting and exams.
  • "Alternate exam" times often available on Saturday mornings for added convenience.
  • Proctored exams that may be scheduled in Lebanon, Joplin, Mountain Grove, Nevada and West Plains.
  • Transcripts of each lecture.
  • The same high quality instruction and cost as a traditional course.
  • Exams that are administered electronically for some Online Video Courses.
  • General education requirements at the traditional course fee amount.
  • Some Online Video Courses have lectures, audio and video streaming plus access to the web.
  • DVDs which may be viewed in the audiovisual area of the Meyer Library, Lebanon Center and the West Plains Library or purchased from the bookstore (and later sold back to the bookstore at the end of the semester).
  • Exams may be administered both electronically and traditionally.

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