Bachelor of Science in Health Services

Move your health care career forward 

Whether you are just starting to pursue a degree in the health care field or you are a returning student, we have options for you. 

Gain a solid foundation of knowledge in health care, health care systems, global health, legal issues, grant writing, leadership and more. There are two tracks available within this degree program: clinical services and health services.

Clinical services track 

Designed for pre-credentialed, allied health professionals, this track may help take your clinical career to the next level. Within this track, clinical education credits may count toward the completion of a bachelor's degree. 

Health services track

This track may prepare you for entry into a non-clinical career or graduate school. This track has two emphasis areas from which to choose: administration services and human services. 

Depending on which track you choose, you may secure employment in the following roles: 

  • Health care administration 
  • Respiratory therapist 
  • Pharmacy technician 
  • EKG technologist 
  • Occupational therapy assistant 
  • Nursing home administrator 
  • Clinical manager 
  • Program director 
  • Data management 
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Public health services
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Discharge planning
  • Family support
  • Aging programming
  • Disability services
  • Office management 
  • Human resources
  • Medical supplies
  • Electronic medical records


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Establish a strong foundation on which to build a graduate degree.
This degree provides the foundation for pursuing a graduate degree in public health or health administration. 

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Maximize your investment of time and money. 
Affordable tuition at $3,500, on average, per semester. Financial aid and scholarships are available.  

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Become part of a growing field of healthcare professionals.  
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026.


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