Zoom Faculty and Staff Resources

Requesting a license

MSU has two kinds of Zoom accounts, Basic and License. Basic accounts are free. License accounts are paid for by the cost center/departments. 

It is NOT necessary to have a Zoom account to join and participate in meetings. You need an account to host your own meetings. Microsoft Teams is another option for hosting video meetings. Anyone with access to MSU’s Office 365 has access to Teams.

Here’s the difference between Basic and License Zoom accounts:

Zoom Basic accounts

Students, staff or faculty with an MSU email address can request a Basic account.  
With a Basic license, you can:

  • host meetings for under 40 minutes.

Zoom License accounts

If you need a License account, contact your department/cost center for budget approval. The cost center determines who requires a License account. With a License account, you can:

  • host meetings with more than three people.
  • host meetings without a 40 minute time limit.
  • save recordings to the cloud.

How to use Zoom

Hosting a Zoom Meeting:

How to host a meeting

How to schedule a meeting

Joining a Zoom Meeting:

There are two ways to join a Zoom meeting, if someone else is hosting:

  • By using a provided web link (URL)
  • By using a provided meeting ID

How to join a Zoom meeting

How to join and configure audio and video

How-to Videos

How to share your screen

Additional help may be found online at the Zoom Help Center.

Training and technical support

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Help Desk.

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