Participating in Discussions

Many instructors set up class discussions through Blackboard. These discussions may involve the whole class or a small group. Your instructor will provide specific directions for any course discussion. Below is an example of what a course discussion could look like. You will have an initial post, then responses to that post. 

A screen shot of discussion taking place in Blackboard


Many instructors will use Blackboard for online quizzes or tests. Your instructor will direct you to the specific requirements for their exams. Below is an example of a typical Blackboard quiz. 

Quiz graphic

Click on the name of the quiz to begin.

You may have a combination of many question types, including: multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, and even essay. Your instructor will have additional information regarding the setup of any online testing in their course.

NOTE: Additional guides regarding Blackboard are available at:

These guides are frequently updated by Missouri State Computer Services and provide extensive information about all aspects of working within Blackboard.