Navigating Blackboard

You can use the links below to get to Blackboard, or you can navigate directly to Blackboard. This way, even if the My Missouri State portal or the MSU homepage are down, you can still access course resources. You will use the same login credentials that you use to access your other resources.

Menu bar with Missouri State, Email, Blackboard, Help and Logout.

Blackboard is a course management system used by many Missouri State faculty. Depending on your course, it may provide your syllabus, assignments, group work, or exams. 

Screenshot of Missouri State Blackboard webpage

When you open your Blackboard course, you will see all of your courses listed at the right under My Courses. You can also view your list of courses by clicking the Courses tab in the top right corner. 

Blackboard's main tabs: My Dashboard, Courses and Community

Find the course you wish to explore and click the course name to enter. While each instructor may organize their course in a slightly different way, most courses share several common features.

Each course is organized with a left side menu. Each tab should give a label for the expected contents. Some items to watch for include: