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Study whenever you want, wherever you want! 

What are Online Video Courses?  

Online video courses are another way to complete your courses online. Watch video lectures and complete your coursework independently. The focus is on individual learning and assessment, so there are no discussion boards. While each class is different, in general there are less frequent deadlines. You have more options to self-pace your studies within the semester. You can work ahead or complete your assignments on the day that works for you.  

Online Video Courses are a good option for self-motivated students interested in working at their own pace.  

Why consider Online Video Courses?  

  • Complete required general education courses without visiting campus. 

  • Watch online video lectures hosted on YouTube.

  • Download video lectures for offline viewing from Vimeo. 

  • Pause and replay lectures as needed to meet your own learning style.

  • Experience the same high-quality instruction and cost as a traditional course. 

  • Work and learn independently (no discussion boards required) 

  • Flexible pacing and fewer due dates allows you to work independently throughout the week or only work on certain days of the week to fit your schedule.  

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