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- We are accepting Non-Degree Seeking Admission-Enrollment Forms for the Spring 2024 semester! Please fill out our Non-Degree Seeking Admission-Enrollment Form  when you are ready to begin the admission process.

Non-Degree Seeking Admissions & Enrollment

If you are not seeking a degree, and you wish to take some courses, we can admit you to Missouri State University as a “non-degree seeking student” for undergraduate and graduate students alike. There is no admission fee for the non degree status.

Generally, financial aid is not available for the non degree-seeking status.

If you have any questions regarding admissions and registration as a non degree-seeking student, please review our FAQs page to learn more, or you may email your questions at

Who might want to be admitted through Non-Degree Seeking Services?

  • Visiting students (degree seeking at another institution). Note: Please check with your own college or university first to learn the necessary credit transfer process and find out which credits will be accepted.
  • Students who already have a degree but would like to continue their education for personal or professional growth.
  • Students who are unsure about pursuing a college education but would like to explore their possibilities.

Please note: Before you may register you must obtain your advisor release if you are a:

  • degree-seeking undergraduate with fewer than 75 hours
  • graduate degree-seeking student
  • first-time transfer student
  • student on probation

Consider the following before registering for courses:

Admitted students prior to the registration sequence dates are strongly encouraged to register themselves into their courses through their MyMissouriState account, but may email and request for help if they are having trouble registering.

For classes requiring prerequisites or permissions for restricted-level classes, you must contact the academic department (or in some cases, the instructor) and request approval in order to be able to register into that particular class. Once you have received the approval, please send the confirmation to

Changes to Your Schedule Following Registration

Your MyMissouriState account will allow you to drop or add classes. Once your initial registration for the semester has been processed, you may also call us at 1-877-678-2005 or locally in Springfield 417-836-6929 for help with dropping or adding a class.

You may also withdraw from the entire semester’s schedule of classes; however, remember that you must do so before the end of the first week of classes – if 16-week classes – or you will be charged for the class(es). Failure to attend a class does not automatically drop you from the class.

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