Planning Your Publication

Planning Your Publication

This page serves as an overview to our in-house capabilities and our production timelines. Please contact Valerie Cummings if you have any questions or you may call 417-836-6664.

In-house Capabilities

We produce our promotional materials using Creative Suites 6 software on the Mac Pro. We have an Epson Stylus 4000 large format color printer for color proofs, posters, and banners. The largest print area we can produce, using this printer, is approximately 16" x 100'. We have a HP Designjet500ps which allows us to print 24" x 42" wide posters and banners. Our laminator will laminate pieces measuring up to 24" wide.

Production Timelines

Publication Design
The following deadlines apply to all projects we produce with the exception of catalogs.

All Projects . . . . . . . .Three weeks minimum
Rush Projects* . . . . . Completed as workload allows

*A rush job is defined as a project requiring a shorter production period than three weeks.

If our workload allows us to expedite your order in less time, then we will do so. In the event that our workload does not allow us to accept a rush job, we will assist you in securing freelance services as needed.

Please note: If the completion of your project requires special services, such as the assistance of Visual Media, please allow 1 to 3 weeks additional for production.

Submitting Your Request

Please submit all job requests via our online job request forms. We provide job request forms for brochures and flyers, display boards, newspaper ads, newspaper inserts, submissions for the University Calendar of Events and press releases, radio ads, television ads and special requests.

If sending copy or artwork to accompany your work request, please send it in an email, or as an email attachment, to If the file is too large for email, you may send the file on a disk formatted for the Macintosh.

If submitting photographs electronically for print publications, please make sure that the photos have been taken at a high resolution (300dpi) to ensure the optimal print quality. For more information about taking digital photos appropriate for publication, see our guide. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this document.

Please note: Please be aware that your project may be one of many in production. For this reason, it is essential that we receive ALL items including copy, photos, etc., necessary to complete your project, when you submit your request.

Upon receiving your request, you will be notified that your order has been received. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may request a meeting where we can discuss the design, layout, marketing objectives, etc.

Please note: To insure that we meet your needs, we request that, if working with a committee, all committee members attend this initial meeting. At this meeting, we will gather your input, thoughts and/or opinions to be considered BEFORE we begin work on design concepts.

We also request that one individual of the committee be designated as our primary contact. This individual will submit all necessary corrections, etc. throughout the proofing process.

After receiving feedback from our project meeting, we will generate a proof or proofs that we feel best fits your needs and the needs of your committee. At that time it may be necessary to call a second meeting where the project ideas may be presented. It is imperative that all committee members attend this meeting as well to help expedite the project thus avoiding delays and last minute layout and/or format changes.


Offset Printing - Missouri State University Printing Services

The following deadlines apply to projects printed by Missouri State University Printing Services, located at 2335 East Chestnut Expressway.

All Projects* . . . . . . . . . .10 full business days
Rush Projects** . . . . . . . Completed as workload allows

* Projects requiring special services such as die cuts, embossing, foiling, UV coating, etc. may require additional production time.

**A rush job is defined as a project requiring a shorter production period than two weeks. In the event that Printing Services can complete the project in less time, a rush fee may apply. The rush fee will be an additional 15% of the total cost of the project.

Please note: Most printers consider the day they receive the materials as part of their production cycle if they receive the materials prior to 12pm.

Quick Copy Jobs - Copy This

The following deadlines apply to projects printed by Copy This, a quick copy facility located in Plaster Student Union on campus.

All Projects . . . . . 1-2 full business days
Rush Projects . . . . Completed as workload allows

For a complete list of services provided by Copy This call 836-5808.

University Identity Standards

The Missouri State Outreach Marketing and Promotions office strictly complies with the University's identity standards.