Program Requirements

Foundation courses

The MBA program requires 18 hours of foundation courses.  This foundation is composed of the following six graduate-level courses which are designed to provide accelerated coverage of the knowledge base necessary for students to benefit most from the MBA curriculum:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ACC 600 Accounting Concepts for Managers 3 hrs
ECO 600 Fundamentals of Economics 3 hrs
FIN 600 Managerial Finance 3 hrs
MGT 600 Administrative, Organizational, and Operations Concepts for Managers 3 hrs
QBA 600 Statistical Methods in Business Research 3 hrs
LAW 600 Legal Environment for Business Managers 3 hrs
  Total 18 hrs

Upon evaluation of baccalaureate degree transcripts, some or all of these courses may be waived, particularly for students holding an undergraduate degree in business.

All of the foundation courses are now available once each year via the Internet.  These online courses do not have a campus component and can be completed entirely from the student’s location.  Contact the MBA Program Director regarding questions about these courses. 

Those considering entering the MBA program are encouraged to email with an unofficial copy of transcripts, requesting a transcript analysis by the MBA Program Coordinator.

Degree requirements

With foundation courses met, the MBA degree requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate credit composed of:

Core Requirements 24 hours
Other Requirements 9 hours
Total 33 hours

1. Core requirements - 24 hours

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
*ACC 711 Managerial Accounting** 3 hrs
*CIS 761 Management Information Systems 3 hrs
*FIN 780 Advanced Financial Management 3 hrs
*MGT 764 Organizational Behavior 3 hrs
MGT 767 Organization Strategy and Policy 3 hrs
*MKT 772 Marketing Management 3 hrs
*QBA 775 Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making 3 hrs
  Select one course from FIN 682***, MGT 747***, MKT 774, or FIN 686 3 hrs

*Students whose undergraduate major is in a MBA core course discipline must consult with the MBA Program Director to determine if they should substitute another 600- or 700-level course in the College of Business for the core course in that discipline.

**Students who have completed Managerial Cost Accounting must consult with the MBA Program Director to select an appropriate substitute course.

***Students who have already taken FIN 582 or MGT 447 must consult with the MBA Program Director for an appropriate substitute course.

2. Other Requirements - 9 hours**

Seminar (A Seminar Course is required) - 3 hrs

Most students will select from CIS 790FIN 790 or FIN 787), MGT 790MKT 790 (or MKT 770), although other courses may be acceptable.

Elective Options - 6 hours:

In consultation with the MBA Director, students will select six hours of elective courses.  Many students will choose to complete a COB Graduate Certificate in conjunction with their MBA, as most COB Graduate Certificates do not require additional coursework outside the 33 hours required for the MBA.

The COB Graduate Certificates that are available are:

     Graduate Certificate in Computer Information Systems
     Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity
     Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
     Graduate Certificate in Finance
     Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis
     Graduate Certificate in International Business
     Graduate Certificate in Leadership
     Graduate Certificate in Management
     Graduate Certificate in Marketing 

 ** No more than 6 hours of 600-level courses may be applied to the degree program.