Master Online Course Recognition Awards for 2016

The Master Online Course Recognition Award (MOCRA) was begun in 2010. The competition was initiated by Missouri State Online in an effort to recognize the work of our faculty to design pedagogically superior courses.  Courses are evaluated by a strict set of quality standards by panel of experts in the field of online course design.  The MOCRA recipients are models for other faculty who may be recognized in future competitions. 

Best in all categories for 2016

 MED 470 – Special Topics in Film

Jaime Bihlmeyer

Jaime W. Bihlmeyer
Professor Emeritus
Department of Media, Journalism and Film


Best in the category of Course Technology and Media Value

MTH 138 – Pre-Calculus Mathematics

Gary Stafford

Gary L. Stafford
Senior Instructor
Department of Mathematics


Best in the categories of Student Collaboration and Engagement and Student Assessment Strategies and Measurements

CFD 163 – Relationships in Today’s Families

Melissa A. Gibson
Per Course Faculty
Department of Childhood Education and Family Studies