Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management (Online) • Nevada

Crowder College

Pursue an AA (recommended) or any AAS degree (with completion of general education classes) at Crowder College. 

Select your courses with the assistance of your advisor and include the following courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU major requirements. Also, meet with a MSU transfer advisor early in your college career to determine other appropriate course work for your academic goals.

Missouri State University

Course availability and prerequisites are subject to change. Check out the course rotations and consult with your advisor before scheduling your classes.


TCM 350 Management and Control of Quality 3Online 
TCM 355 Production Planning and Control 3Online 
TCM 455 Safety Management 3Online 
TCM 456 Supervision 3Online 
TCM 511 Product Design and Development 3Online 
TCM 551 Cost Analysis for Project Management 3Online 
Total hours18  


TCM 358 Introduction to Technology Management 3Online 
TCM 494 Professional Internship 1Online 
TCM 545 Project Control Systems 3Online 
Total hours9  


TCM 337 Quality Control and Measurement 3Online 
TCM 354 Facility Planning 3Online 
TCM 359 Principles of Project Management 3Online 
TCM 458 Technology Management 3Online 
TCM 551 Cost Analysis for Project Management 3Online 
Total hours15  

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