Guidelines for Interactive Video Room Reservations, Usage and Billing

Missouri State Outreach will be responsible for all room reservations, scheduling and billing of the facilities as well as technical issues.

Scheduling Priority

  1. MSU for credit courses shall have first priority for use of the ITV rooms and systems
  2. Conferences scheduled for faculty meetings.
  3. Both University and non-University groups may use the facilities if available after other scheduling is complete. University groups or events will not be charged a room rental fee. Non-University groups or events will be charged a rental fee. Non-University activities must meet the approval of the Associate Provost for Access and Outreach.

Scheduling Procedures

Any usage of the BearNet system and interactive video rooms requires that a written form be completed.


Once the Interactive Video/Distance Learning Room Request form has been received by Missouri State Outreach, Alumni 400, and it has been determined that the desired space is available, the request will be entered into the scheduling calendar. If the room is not available, the requesting office will be contacted by email or phone.

All non-university sponsored groups will be required to pay a fee for the use of the BearNet rooms and/or system. Technical assistance may be required as needed, however, the rental fee does not include instructional facilitation.

Missouri State Outreach must be informed as soon as a cancellation decision is made for any BearNet interactive room.

Cancellation Process