Bachelor of Science in English - Professional Writing

Required Courses

NOTE: These listings are provided for very general use. To confirm the most up-to-date information and to obtain the actual class schedules, please contact KRIS SUTLIFF at (417) 836-4804. These listings also assume that you have already met your general education requirements for this program.

ENG 321 Writing II Beginning Technical Writing x x x    
ENG 373 Writing with Technology x x x    
ENG 377 Scientific and Technical Editing x   x    
ENG 421 Advanced Technical Writing x   x    
ENG 422 Career Focus in Professional Writing     x    
ENG 473 Writing with Technology II x   x    
ENG 487 Analysis of Scientific Literature x   x    
ENG 500 Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction x        
ENG 570 Writing in the Health Professions x        
ENG 574 Technical Writing Internship (ARRANGED)          
ENG 575 Topics in Professional Writing x        

Electives I Courses 

Elective I Courses: Select ONE course from the options below.

ENG 235 Critical Approaches to Literature x        
ENG 312 Introduction to Shakespeare x        
ENG 340 Survey of English Literature I x   x    
ENG 341 Survey of English Literature II x        
ENG 350 Survey of American Literature I x   x    
ENG 351 Survey of American Literature II x     x  
ENG 390 Modern English Grammar x   x    
ENG 491 History of the English Language x