Learn how courses are evaluated

Below is a sample course evaluation used by Missouri State Online to gauge students prospective of their learning experience. EvaluationKIT platform with Blackboard integration is used. Surveys are sent to students the day after the last day to withdraw from a course. Data collected is given to faculty, department heads and deans and may be used as part of the faculty evaluation process. 

Response Value
Strongly Agree 5
Agree 4
Neutral 3
Disagree 2
Strongly Disagree 1
Not Applicable Empty
  1. The syllabus clearly outlined the course policies, procedures, and expectations.
  2. My instructor clearly stated how work would be graded and what was required to be successful in this course.
  3. My instructor provided opportunities for me to interact with him or her in this course.
  4. I felt encouraged to contact my instructor if I had any questions or needs in the course.
  5. My instructor was responsive when I contacted her/him.
  6. My instructor provided opportunities for me to interact with other students in this course.
  7. My instructor helped me understand the value and usefulness of the subject matter covered by the course.
  8. The assignments were relevant and helpful to my learning.
  9. The way my instructor organized materials online worked well for me.
  10. My instructor used a variety of methods to present course content.
  11. The instructional methods used in this course facilitated my learning.
  12. My instructor used a variety of methods to assess learning.
  13. My instructor provided meaningful and specific feedback in this course.
  14. Overall, I felt engaged with the content, instructor, and other students in this course.

Open-ended feedback

Which features in this course were the most helpful?

What, if anything, could your instructor have done to better facilitate your learning in this course?

Additional notes

Courses with 3 or less students enrolled will not be surveyed.

Courses receiving 3 or less student responses, will not have evaluations returned.