History for Teachers Graduate Certificate

Study the past to guide the future.  

Learn how to teach history to students in a relevant, impactful way.

Choose from one of three tracks within this certificate program:

  • Secondary Education
  • U.S. History
  • World History

Or you may choose an individualized option. All tracks may be completed online; however, the U.S. & World tracks are recommended for online students.

If you are a certified teacher, this certificate program will satisfy your professional development requirements. If you decide to pursue a master's program in history or history education, you may apply your certificate coursework as electives. 


Maximize your investment of time and money.
Missouri State's total costs are lower than most other universities in the state and well below the national average.

Financial aid and scholarships are available. In fact, Bears access more than $150 million in financial aid per year. 

Advance your skills with this accredited, flexible degree program.
Enjoy a high level of academic excellence. Full-time faculty develop and teach the same curriculum online as taught on-campus. 

Get ahead sooner.  
Earn your certificate in just 12 credit hours.

The History for Teachers graduate certificate is part of the Department of History. Learn more about application and admission requirements and cost.

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