B.S. in General Business Evening/Online Program (Comprehensive)

OTC to MSU Sample Degree Completion Plan

Below is a four-year degree plan that assumes satisfactory completion of the A.A. degree. Classes meet two nights per week plus at least one online or iCourse class per semester. One summer session is included.

First Semester (OTC)
ENG 101 Composition I* 3 hrs
MTH 130 College Algebra* 3 hrs
PSY 110 Intro to Psychology* 3 hrs
Humanities Block 1 3 hrs
CIS 101 Personal Computer Applications* 3 hrs
Total 15 hrs
Second Semester (OTC)
ENG 102 Composition II or 3 hrs
ENG 150 Technical Writing
ECO 270 Principles of Macroeconomics* 3 hrs
Biological Science 4 hrs
CIS 105 Spreadsheet Applications 3 hrs
Humanities-Block II (Foreign Language) 3 hrs
Total 16 hrs
Third Semester (OTC)
Humanities-Block II
(Foreign Language or MUS 101)
3 hrs
Physical Science 4 hrs
ACC 220 Principles of Accounting I* 3 hrs
COM 105 Public Speaking* 3 hrs
HLT 101 Lifetime Wellness 2 hrs
ECO 275 Principles of Microeconomics* 3 hrs
Total 18 hrs
Fourth Semester (OTC)
BUS 140 Business Communications* 3 hrs
PLS 101 American Gov’t & Politics 3 hrs
MTH 210 Statistical Methods* 3 hrs
ACC 225 Managerial Accounting* 3 hrs
BUS 160 Business Law* (check on prerequisite) 3 hrs
Total 15 hrs
Fifth Semester Fall (MSU) Credit
FIN 380 Financial Management
(iCourse - attended for exams - selected Tuesday evenings)
3 hrs
MGT 340 Organizational Behavior/Management
(Thursday evenings or online)
3 hrs
MKT 350 Principles of Marketing
(Monday evenings or online)
3 hrs
RMI 314 Employee Benefits and Social Insurance**
3 hrs
Total     12 hrs
Sixth Semester Spring (MSU)
FIN 381 Personal Financial Planning**
3 hrs
FIN 266 Principles of Real Estate** (online) 3 hrs
ACC 311 Managerial Cost Accounting** (online) 3 hrs
Optional 3 hr. elective (if needed) 3 hrs
Total 12 hrs
Summer Semester (MSU) Credit
RMI 211 Principles of Insurance (online) 3 hrs
MGT 364 Operations Management (online) 3 hrs
Total     6 hrs
Seventh Semester Fall (MSU) Credit
FIN 384 Financial Markets & Intermediaries**
3 hrs
LAW 332 Debtor/Creditor Rights and Remedies (online) 1 hr
TCM 359 Principles of Project Management**
3 hrs
RMI 538 Introduction to Estate Planning**
3 hrs
LAW 341 Legal Research and Writing** or 3 hrs
BUS 550 Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration in Business** (online)  
    Optional 3 hr. elective (if needed) 3 hrs
Total     16 hrs
Eighth Semester Spring (MSU)
MGT 487 Strategic Management/Policy
(Tuesday evenings or online)
3 hrs
LAW 532

Legal Envrn/Busn Orgn for Profsn

3 hrs
ENG 321 Beginning Technical Writing
(online) (if JRN 270 equiv. JRN 160, is not taken at OTC)
3 hrs
CIS 429 Information Systems in Business
3 hrs
Optional 3 hr. elective (if needed) 3 hrs
Total 15 hrs

OTC courses listed in bold are requirements for the general business degree.

*Admission requirements to the College of Business at MSU.

**24 hours required from five different areas (accounting, business relationships, computer information systems, finance, international, management, marketing, real estate, and risk management and insurance. This requirement has been fulfilled in the evening/online degree program

The information provided is the most up-to-date available at time of publication. You may wish to reduce the number of credit hours each semester from the above sample schedule. Consult with the Business Advisement Center, 836-5386.

OTC to MSU General Business Brochure

B.S. in
General Business

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