Spring second block online courses begin March 20, 2017

Looking for a course to help you meet an outstanding degree requirement?  Check out the second block online classes added to the schedule to meet student demands!

To view a list of open second block courses:

  • Log in to my.missouristate.edu.
  • Click the Academics tab.
  • Under Registration Tools – Resources, click Class Schedule Search.
  • Select Spring 2017 in the drop-down list and click Select.
  • Click Advanced Search.
  • Select any subjects you wish to explore (NOTE: To select all subjects use Ctrl+A).
  • Adjust your Instructional Method as desired. (NOTE: If you wish to explore only online classes, these are listed under Internet – Other).
  • In the Part of Term section, select Second Block.
  • Click Section Search and the list of available classes will appear.

To register:

  • Select the check box next to the course you wish to register for.
  • Click Register. (NOTE: If you have any financial aid that may be affected by adding a second block class, please consult your advisor before making any changes).