Mountain Grove Campus


Missouri State University
Mountain Grove Campus
Shannon Hall, 401 East 17th Street
Mountain Grove, MO 65711-9252

Courses offered in Mountain Grove through Academic Outreach are coordinated by the West Plains Coordinator. Additionally, a facilitator is employed and located in the Mountain Grove Library to assist students and faculty during the evening hours.

Mountain Grove ITV Rooms

Shannon Hall, Room 113
Seats: 16
Contact: Joe Strong, (417) 836-6421, Chris Sartin, (417) 836-6078 or Calvin, (417) 836-5002.

Shannon Hall, Room 108
Seats: 28
Contact: Brett Becker, (417) 255-7916 or Bill Brown, (417) 255-7915.

Contact Personnel
Deanna Smith
Missouri State University Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (417) 225-7931

Students · Ordering Textbooks

Textbooks for Mountain Grove courses are purchased through the Baker Bookstore on the Missouri State University campus. Academic Outreach will notify students and provide the bookstore order form prior to the beginning of the course.

Faculty · Ordering of Textbooks for Mountain Grove Courses
Regular procedures for ordering textbooks through your academic department should be followed for interactive sections held in Springfield and Mountain Grove. Textbooks for courses offered by regular West Plains faculty should be ordered through the West Plains Drago Bookstore.