Bachelor of Science in Criminology • Lebanon

Learn to develop solutions to issues of crime and problems within the criminal justice system and prepare for a career in law, police, courts and corrections.

The following is a transfer degree plan for a bachelor's degree in criminology. Complete your first two years at Ozarks Technical Community College before transferring to Missouri State University.

Ozarks Technical Community College

Pursue an associate of arts degree while at Ozarks Technical Community College. With the associate of arts degree, you will have met MSU's general education requirements.

Select your courses with the assistance of your advisor and include the following courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU major requirements.

  • Admission into the criminology program requires you to fulfill all prerequeisites including CRM 210, CRM 250, CRM 260, and CRM 270

Also, meet with a MSU transfer advisor early in your college career to determine other appropriate course work for your academic goals.

Missouri State University

Classes are conveniently offered on the Lebanon campus and through web conferencing technology. Advising is available onsite to answer your questions.

Missouri State Direct Criminology classes are now offered via web conferencing technology allowing you to access LIVE and interactive lectures via your PC or mobile device.

Core Requirements (36 hours) Plus CRM Electives (9 hours) With Lebanon Rotation (45)

Fall Year 1

CRM 320 Criminological Theory 3Seated 
CRM 330 Juvenile Justice 3Seated 
CRM 365 Criminal Procedure 3Seated 
Elective 3 
Total hours12 

Spring Year 1

CRM 355 Current Issues in Policing 3Seated 
CRM 380 Criminal Justice Organizations and Management 3Seated 
CRM upper level elective (Online) 3 
Elective 3 
Total hours12 

Fall Year 2

CRM 375 Current Issues in Corrections 3Seated 
CRM 340 Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3Online 
CRM 415 Race, Class, Gender, and Crime 3 
CRM upper level elective (Online) 3 
Total hours12 

Spring Year 2

CRM 598 Senior Seminar in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3Online 
CRM upper level elective (Online) 3 
Elective 3 
Elective 3 
Total hours12 

Additional Electives (18 needed)

    MSU elective 3 cr hrs
    MSU elective 3 cr hrs

Complementary OTC Elective Courses Beyond AA (62 hours)

These courses provide skills to help students succeed in the criminal justice program and must be taken as program electives during the junior year.  If any from the list have been taken as part of the AA program, other electives must be selected. 

COMM 200 Interpersonal Communication (suggested) 3 cr hrs
ENG 102 or 150 Composition or Technical Writing (suggested) 3 cr hrs
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (suggested) 3 cr hrs
SOC 200 Human Diversity (suggested) 3 cr hrs
    Total 18 cr hrs


  • Complete Associates degree with 62 hours including CRM 210, CRM 250, CRM 260, and CRM 270.
  • Complete a total of 125 credit hours (40 hours must be 300 level and above).
  • Complete the requirements for the Criminology Major (45 total credit hours, 36 hours of core requirements plus 9 hours of CRM electives).
  • Complete last 30 credit hours from MSU.


Transfer advisement