Master and Specialist in Educational Administration • Lebanon

Missouri State Direct

Missouri State Direct, a new division within Missouri State Outreach, now offers classes via web conferencing technology. Interact with other MSU students and with your instructor, in real time, using your PC or mobile device. On campus attendance options are also available.

Missouri State offers cohort programs in Educational Administration at off-campus locations, including Lebanon, Joplin, West Plains, and Springfield. Classes are also conveniently available through web conferencing technology, which allows you to join class from your PC or mobile device from anywhere. Both a master's degree (M.S.) and specialist degree (Ed.S.) are available. These degrees are designed for educators who wish to begin a career in school administration. The program contains a jointly developed, standards-based instructional program including district/building projects and clinical experiences extending over 24 months, and including practicum and on-site experiences. Either the masters or specialist program may be completed in five semesters. 

EAD Master's

5 Semester Tentative Course Rotation Open Cohort - new students may join in any semester
Course Number  Course Title Hours
First Semester
EAD 751 Foundations of Educational Leadership 3
EAD 782 Internship On-Site 2
EAD 783 Internship – Related Agencies 1
EAD 784 Human Relations & Collaborative Processes 3
Second Semester
EAD 752 / 753 The Elementary / Secondary School Principal (taught as one class)  3/3
EAD 785 Legal & Ethical Contexts of Schooling  3
Third Semester
EAD 780 Administration of Instructional Programs 3
EAD 870 Curriculum for Elementary or Secondary Principals 3
Fourth Semester
EAD 781 Organizational Management  3
EAD 788* Action Research in Educational Leadership* 3
Fifth Semester
EAD 759 Leadership Capstone 3
EAD 786 School Supervision & Performance Enhancement  3
EAD 787 Administration of Special Programs 3

*EAD 788 is not offered as a summer course. 

EAD Specialist

5 Semester Tentative Course Rotation Open cohort - new students may join in any semester 
Course Number Course Title Hours
First Semester  
EAD 858 School Personnel 3
EAD 862 The Superintendency 3
EAD 882* Superintendency Internship*  2
Second Semester
EAD 850 Politics of Education  3
EAD 865 School Law 3
Third Semester
EAD 864 School & Community Relations 3
EAD 895 Research in Administrative Practice 3
Fourth Semester   
EAD 860 Field Study  2-3
EAD 866 School Finance  3
Fifth Semester
EAD 863 Curriculum Design & Instruction 3
EAD 867 School Plant Planning & Maintenance 3

*The Superintendency Internship should be taken upon entry into the Specialist Program which could be any semester.  The cohort model is an Open Cohort Model where students can enter at different times.

Educational Administration Graduate Program Brochure

Master and Specialist in Educational Administration brochure

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