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Missouri State University has more than 800 hours of lectures by MSU professors on iTunes U

Now you can study on the go! Our iTunes U program allows you to download actual course lectures to study whenever you want, wherever you want! Enjoy greater freedom and flexibility when fitting your studies around your busy schedule. These media-rich downloads combine actual recorded lectures with high quality graphics to ensure that learning is both easy and fun.

We're pleased to offer a unique method of taking general education required courses...through Missouri State iCourses!

Imagine having professors in-classroom settings or studios offering lectures for courses on iTunes U through the MSU website. No need to attend campus except for the initial class meeting, some exams and the final. All lectures are made available, at no cost, to view on your computer any where and at any time that is convenient for your lifestyle. These lectures can be downloaded to your own mp3 player for review. Work and family responsibilities are important for everyone today. With Missouri State iCourses, you are free to take care of those responsibilities. Even distance from campus to home is not a problem.

For more information, please contact: Lacey Geiger, Missouri State Open Course Coordinator, 417-836-8803

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