Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education • Neosho

Students who have an AAT degree or equivalent coursework are able to take the upper-level classes they need to complete a BS in Elementary Education in Nevada and Neosho by interactive television. All lower-division prerequisites are available from Crowder College’s Nevada campus. Completion of the degree allows students to be certified to teach grades 1-6 in any subject, with a middle school endorsement (grades 6-9) in various subjects (if the appropriate electives are chosen). This program operates on a cohort model with a new group of students starting each fall.

Tentative course sequence:

 Course Code Course Title Hours Format
Fall Year 1
MID 400 Philosophy & Curriculum - Middle School 3 Face-to-face
MTH 320 Foundations of Math for Teachers 3 Face-to-face
RDG 318 Foundations of Reading Instruction 3 Face-to-face
SPE 310 Introduction to Special Education 3 Online
Spring Year 1
EDC 345 Introduction to Multicultural Education and Diversity 3 Face-to-face
ELE 410 Teaching & Learning in the Elementary Classroom 3 Face-to-face
MTH 360 Foundations of Geometry for Teachers 3 Face-to-face
RDG 420 Assessing & Personalizing Reading 3 Face-to-face
RDG 421 Practicum - Assessing & Personalizing Reading 2 Face-to-face
Summer Year 1
GEOL 210 Earth Science for Teachers (Crowder course)
Fall Year 2
ELE 429 Methods of Teaching Math 3 Face-to-face
ELE 434 Methods of Teaching Science 3 Face-to-face
ELE 438 Methods of Teaching Social Studies 3 Face-to-face
MID 439 The Middle School Teacher 3 Face-to-face
Spring Year 2
ELE 500 Issues & Applications in Elementary 5 Face-to-face
ELE 510 Reflective Decision Maker 2 Face-to-face
ECE 501 Home/School/Community with Children 3 Face-to-face
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in Content Areas 2 Face-to-face
Fall Year 3
ELE 495 Supervised Teaching 6 Arranged
ELE 496 Supervised Teaching 5 Arranged

*Course offerings may be changed due to student demand/staffing capabilities.

Patsy Garner, Crowder College Teacher Education Coordinator, (417) 455-5482 or email